Nina Ottosson Brain Train Game - Magic (Level 1)

Nina Ottosson

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'Dog Magic' is a relatively easy game for dogs to play, where they have to dislodge bones to access hidden treats. You may choose to put treats under one, several or all of the bones, to vary the difficulty of the game. By switching the location of the treat, you can encourage him to really focus and use his
nose to seek out treasure!

"Dog Smart / DogMagic plastic.

Hide treats under the hollow white plastic blocks.

Let the dog/cat look for the treats by trying to lift or push away one block after the other with its nose or paw, in order to find the hidden treats. A very fun and activating game for you and your dog/cat.

One can tie a string through the holes in the blocks to make it easier for the smallest dogs and for cats to lift the blocks away.

Suits dogs and cats of all ages and sizes.
Wishing you much pleasure
Nina Ottosson"

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