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Fun and imaginative, this Marina Aquarium Set includes everything you need to set up a cool Sur'Fin theme tank. The set comes with cling-on surfer decals and a flexible cut-out background that features a cast of laid back surfers. It also comes with a plastic cut-out ornament for additional decoration. After you have set the surfing scene with the decals, background and ornament, the rest is also pretty easy. Simply install the filter, then add water and doses of Nutrafin water conditioners (included). The aquarium has an innovative canopy (aquarium lid) that makes feeding your fish with Nutrafin Max fish food (included) convenient. There is an opening at the top that allows you to sprinkle the food in the water without having to remove the lid. This turns feeding into a mess-free operation. Gravel available separately.

Instructions and Care Guide

Choosing the right location

Choose the right place in your home to set up your aquarium. Make sure the aquarium is:

  • AWAY FROM direct sunlight, if placed too close to a window, an aquarium can develop significant algae problems
  • AWAY FROM direct sources of heat, such as fires and radiators
  • AWAY FROM sources of sound or vibration, speakers or TV
  • Make sure that the piece of furniture where the aquarium is going to sit is sturdy enough to hold the total weight
  • You will need at least one plug point within easy reach (two, if you want to add lighting)
  • Give yourself easy access to the aquarium – leave about 6-7cm behind it to run wires and make sure you have unrestricted access to the lid
Setting up your new tank
Putting it all together
  • Thoroughly rinse the aquarium with fresh water, do not use soap
  • Rinse the gravel separately in a bucket or colander to remove any dust or debris
  • Attach the background picture to the outside of the rear wall
  • Spread the gravel in the bottom of the tank, sloping it from the front up to the back, to give the illusion of depth and to help collect debris at the front
  • Now start to fill with water. At about halfway, bed the plastic plant into the gravel and continue filling
  • Remove the aquarium cover and attach the filter to the rim at the rear of the aquarium using the clip on the back of the filter. Once positioned, secure by firmly pressing the suctions cups provided into place. Ensure the water level is not below the minimum allowed and that the filter is working correctly. Dose with Nutrafin Cycle and Aqua Plus and run aquarium and filter for 24 hours before adding fish
Preparing the aquarium for fish

Your aquarium may look ready for fish, but don’t rush it; there are still a couple of other things you need to do before adding fish. Remember, you are creating a mini ecosystem, a water environment which should be allowed to ‘mature’ in order to support life.

On the first day add one sachet of Nutrafin Aqua Plus and one sachet of Nutrafin Cycle. On the second and third days add one sachet of Nutrafin Cycle.

Nutrafin Aqua Plus is a water conditioner which neutralises chlorine and chloramine. These chemicals are added to tap water to make it safe for humans, but they are harmful to fish. Fish dislike being moved or handled and when stressed they can damage the natural protective mucous which covers their body, leaving them vulnerable to disease.

Nutrafin Aqua Plus also helps new fish to cope with stressful situations by providing a protective coating of calming herbal extracts until the natural mucous returns.

Nutrafin Cycle is a solution of microscopic beneficial bacteria which helps to start the ‘maturing’ process in sterile tap water.

Beneficial bacteria are essential for the health of the whole aquarium.

Introducing your fish

Over a period of about 10 days the natural ‘maturing’ process begins when the beneficial bacteria start to coat all the surface areas inside the tank, including the gravel, plastic plants, filter, filter foam and tank walls. Don’t worry; they are invisible to the human eye so your tank will still look clean. Nutrafin Cycle helps the aquarium to mature more quickly so you can introduce one or two hardy fish straight away.

Introducing your fish
  • When you buy fish they will be packaged in a plastic bag with water from their display tank. The bag is topped up with air and the bag is sealed. Don’t plan on doing any more shopping -take them straight home, trying not to bump the bag or jiggle it about too much.
  • If you have an aquarium light, switch it off.
  • Float the bag of fish in the aquarium for about 20minutes to equalise the water temperature.
  • Open the bag and add a little of the aquarium water, about a third of the bag’s volume.
  • Wait 10 minutes and repeat.
  • Carefully remove the fish with a net or tip the bag to allow them to swim out into the aquarium. Leave them undisturbed for a full 24 hours before giving any food.
  • A partial water change should be performed every 2 days for the first 2 weeks.
Aquarium Care

Every day:

  • Check that the fish look healthy and are behaving normally, that the filter is running smoothly, and remove any visible debris, uneaten food etc.

Safety tips

Every week:

  • A partial water change (about 10-20%) is essential to ensure cleanliness and to reduce build-up of unwanted nitrate and waste. Top up with water treated with Nutrafin Aqua Plus . The water should be at the same temperature as the aquarium
  • Use a gravel cleaner to remove waste and siphon off water
  • Remove algae from the tank walls without scratching the acrylic by using the Cleaning Pad
  • Dose the water with Nutrafin Cycle to maintain the aquarium’s good bacteria

Every 4-8 weeks:

  • Use the Marina Service Kit to change the filter media
  • Check the impeller
  • Check your supplies of food and other regularly used items
Cleaning tips
  • Never completely empty your aquarium to clean it-it will stress your fish and disturb the natural balance of the aquarium
  • Only use aquarium waterto rinse filter foam- never tap water
  • Keep a plastic jug and bucket for aquarium use only
  • Never use soap or detergent on anything that will come into contact with your fish or their water
  • Take care when cleaning near the gravel-it can scratch the acrylic
  • Only put your hands in the tank when absolutely necessary -the oils on your hands can harm the fish. Don’t use perfume, hand cream etc. before putting your hands in the water
  • When replacing filter media pour a dose of Nutrafin Cycle straight onto the media to give an instant bacterial boost


Box Contains

1 x Tank
1 x Nutrafin Aquaplus 30ml
1 x Nutrafin Cycle 30ml
1 x Internal Filter
1 x Plastic cut out ornament with holder
1 x Background
1 x Themed decals

Dimensions: W43.2 x D34 x H34.3cm

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