Lilys Kitchen Complete Cat Food Foils 100g

Lilys Kitchen

SKU: LilyFoil100g-1

Lily's Kitchen Catch Of The Day Tasty Fish Selection

65% Freshly Prepared Fish: 45% Salmon, 20% Herring, Taurine 420mg/kg

Lily's Kitchen Hungry Hunter’s Hotpot

Freshly Prepared: Duck 30%, Wild Boar 20%, Pork 15%, Taurine 420mg/kg

Lily's Kitchen Meaty Lamb Terrine

65% Freshly Prepared Lamb, Taurine 420mg/kg

Lily's Kitchen Paw Lickin' Chicken Dinner

65% Freshly Prepared Chicken, 420mg/kg Taurine

Lily's Kitchen Purrr-fect Salmon & Prawn Cocktail

65% Freshly Prepared Fish: 50% Salmon, 15% Prawn, Taurine 420mg/kg


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