Lilys Kitchen Cat Food Foil 85g

Lilys Kitchen

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Decisions, decisions… it’s the daily suppertime conundrum. What to have today? With a wide variety of equally delicious, wholesome and healthy cat food recipes, it’ll be down to ‘eenie meenie’ to decide. Whichever recipe you choose, it’ll be packed with 65% meat greatness (the meat and offal that cats thrive on) along with chelated minerals and essential taurine for heart and eye health. And thanks to top notch ingredients and a clever chef, each natural and nutritious meal will be utterly irresistible to your cat.

  • Full of 65% meaty greatness (the freshly prepared meat and offal that cats thrive on)
  • The rest is a perfect balance of moisture for hydration with vitamins and chelated minerals for optimal absorption
  • Complete and balanced nutrition including essential taurine, vital for your cat’s health
  • All natural and grain free recipes
  • No meat meal, bone meal or animal derivatives, ever
  • By serving up these trays, you’re looking after your cat’s world, too. We use sustainably sourced ingredients, no animal derivatives and the tray is completely recyclable

Lovely Lamb Casserole for Cats

Lamb 30%, Chicken 20%, Pork 15%, Salmon Oil, Chelated Minerals

Catch of the Day for Cats

Salmon 30%, Chicken 15%, Pork 15%, Prawn 5%, Salmon Oil, Chelated Minerals

Hunter's Hotpot for Cats

Chicken 25%, Game 15%, Pork 15%, Turkey 10%, Salmon Oil, Chelated Minerals.

Whisker Lickin' Chicken for Cats

Chicken 65%, Salmon Oil, Chelated Minerals.

Poultry Pie for Cats

Turkey 50%, Duck 15%. Salmon Oil, Chelated Minerals.

Marvellously Mature Chicken Supper for Cats

Chicken 30%, Pork 22%, Trout 4%, Lamb 4%, Carrots, Salmon Oil, Chelated Minerals.

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