Hilife Its Only Natural Cat Can Multipack Luxury Classic Trio In Sauce 3x70g (6pk)


SKU: 62146

We understand your cat is an important member of your family and It’s only natural that you want to feed them the same great-tasting, natural recipes like you and your family enjoy. That’s why we created HiLife It’s only natural. A range made from all natural ingredients with absolutely no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and completely grain free. You can rest assured that your cat will love our great-tasting, It’s only natural dishes. Give it a try and make it your next family favourite!

This is as complementary food for adult cats.

Prepared using only 100% Natural Ingredients, HiLife it's only natural Luxury recipes are made with over 50% real meat or fish and are hand-prepared and slow cooked to maintain their delicious flavour. It is also free from grains, soya, gmo's and artificial additives.

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