Fish Treats 100% Natural

James & Steel

SKU: FT003

Our fish-based treats have an amazing range of health benefits for our pets. Read about the health benefits here:

Low Fat
These make a great choice if you are conscious about your dog’s weight.

Easy digestion
Excellent for dogs with sensitive tummies or older dogs with slower digestive systems.

Hypo-allergenic and grain-free
Made with fresh fish, 100% natural ingredients and free from grain!

Can improve bad breath
Introduce these innovative treats into your dog’s diet to help combat doggy breath.

Improves dental health
Helps to remove tartar
The crunchy texture of our fish-based treats helps reduce tartar build up.

Supports cognitive function
A perfect training treat to support a healthy brain, great for older dogs and developing puppies.

High in iron, calcium and vitamin B6
Adding rosemary into our treats gives your dog the extra supplementation that they require.

Source for essential minerals for good health
Seaweed is a great ingredient that has extraordinary nutrition missing in almost every other food.

Great for healthy skin and coat
Essential Omega oils are great for soothing dry and irritable skin, as well as improving your dog’s coat. 

Joint mobility
Omega oils are an effective aid for your dog’s joints and and all round mobility.

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