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Bailey Bites Milkies 200g
Delicious handmade completely natural "Milkies" puppy treats. Perfect for training or for just being a good pup. These are highly palatable and will catch the attention of any pup or pooch.

Bailey Bites Digesties 200g
If your dog has a sensitive tummy like Bailey does sometimes, Digesties are fantastic! They’re seriously yummy and they promote healthy digestion in dogs of all sizes.
They are handmade with love and contain none of those awful synthetic colourings, flavourings or preservatives, just delicious ingredients like dried chicken, mixed herbs and carrots.

Bailey Bites love hugs! 200g
Love is in the air with these tasty handmade treats. Available in a deliciously romantic strawberry and cream flavour, each fun-sized bite is made from 100% natural ingredients and comes in a playfully pink shade. With a sprinkling of herbs and a dash of vanilla, these gluten free 'Love hugs!' are the perfect treat for your special pooch!

Bailey Bites Minties 200g
‘Dog Breath’ used to be an insult. Not anymore! Bailey Bites Minties have been formulated so you can kiss your pup without holding your breath!
Minties are full of delicious stuff like peppermint and cranberry and have been handmade with love. Your dog’s breath has never smelled sweeter!

Bailey Bites Nitie Nites 200g
There’s nothing Bailey likes better than curling up in her basket with a couple of Nitie Nites after a day of walkies, playing with her toys and generally being as cute as a button.
‘Not only are they delicious and full of awesome natural ingredients, they make Bailey feel relaxed and calm after a hard day of being loved!


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